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Making the Most of Autumn

I’ve decided to make the most of Autumn with the leaves starting to become crisp and old and the air becoming colder and colder. Today we went on a lovely walk around a place called Rivelin, with a gorgeous river going through woodland it was the perfect romantic stroll I took with my boyfriend and some brilliant photo opportunities.



I just love the open fresh air and exploring hidden treasures we found this beautiful old wheel that was dripping with water was beautiful. Isn’t there something about the trees and bushes making you feel away from all the stresses of the world.





The woodland was full of just dropped orange crisp leaves, wonderful mushrooms growingย on the logs and beautiful animals (unfortunatelyย the birds were too quick for me to capture so here’s a picture of a feather instead)


I’ve been trying out different techniques with my photography and also testing out the manual mode im starting out so i know there not perfect.



I had such an amazing day exploring woodland and the outdoors, i honestly think we need to get outside more and see these beautiful treasures we have so close to home
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