Tourist Travel Guide: Part 1 LONDON


I love to travel, seeing different places and making them my own with the special places and memories we make is my absolute favourite thing to do. So i thought i would do a travel series over on my blog and to start of with I’m Talking London town.

London is a very popular tourist spot for people all over the world luckily for me its only a 2 hour train ride away. I’ve been to London twice now, the first time was only for a day in central London so all the places I wanted to see we didn’t really have much time. Now for mine and my boyfriends anniversary we always have a 3 day break away and this year we decided on London because of how much I wanted to go back. We saw quite a lot in the three days we was there and also saw Wicked the musical, yes it was very tiring but so worth it. Now this is my opinions and views on the places i saw in London but here are some of the places I think are the best and worthwhile seeing while in London as there is so much to do.

Right so starting off I advice getting a Oyster Travel card you can purchase a tourist one here – I think for three days you are better of buying the £18.00 one which has £15.oo credit which i think is enough but don’t forget you can always top up in the underground. If you want to make the most of London and see most of the sites using the underground is your best option, yes it may seem scary and busy I was terrified before actually using the tube and honestly i love it now. Its the easiest and fastest way to get around London.


Camden Town

I’ve always wanted to go to Camden and Camden Lock so that is the first place we went, Honestly its more than I expected. I only two photo’s because of how mesmerised i was, its just so colourful and full of arty areas. The markets are so big you just get lost in the magicalness of the quirky and wonderful objects. They also have a street food section I opted for a burrito from the Mexican stall and my boyfriend opted for Chinese both delicious.


Notting Hills and Portobello Road

So if you’ve seen the film Notting Hill this is definitely a place to go, it just seems so romantic,blissful and the houses are beautiful. Portobello road market is just full of wonderful things you probably wont need but will buy anyway (well that’s what i did) . I advice talking a stroll around the different streets and try and find some of the colourful houses

M&M’s World Leicester Square

Calling all M&M lovers this is the place to go, I have never seen so many M&M’s with so many colours. Its so pleasing to the eye to see them organised. The whole store is three storeys of M&M’s and M&M mechanise you could probably spend so much time here. Me and my boyfriend spent £10 on M&M’s. Like seriously London makes you loose your mind Haha!


Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

This is such a busy area in London because everyone goes to see it (like Buckingham Palace which we did not go for that reason) If you didn’t know i suffer from anxiety disorder so busy places for me is not the best idea walking across that bridge in the picture was my worst nightmare. It doesn’t help we went on a Saturday which is probably busier than the Friday anyway. So yeah i advice if you don’t like really busy places maybe hold off but if as you can see i took this picture from a far away and you get such a good view so don’t worry!


The Shard and The business area

As you can see i don’t know what this area is called but it was beautiful you can the whole picture with the shard and beautiful modern buildings you can also walk along tower bridge to the other side and the navy ship is there again lacking knowledge. You can probably tell this is something my boyfriend wanted to do but it was such a lovely day and to finish out time off in London

Thanks for Reading


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