Tourist Travel Guide: Part 2 Brugge


I visited Brugge in October 2015 and fell in love with the city, we travelled by ferry which took over night but that in itself became a fantastic night. P&O ferries do a special deal for Amsterdam and Brugge where you can have 2 nights on the ferry and 2 nights or 1 night in Brugge or Amsterdam. We chose Brugge and off we went on the ferry.


The clock tower

The clock tower is definitely work a visit and if you can make climbing up all the stairs i think it was close to 255 stairs. Yes a lot of stairs also spiral stairs that get smaller so if your claustrophobic definitely not for you. But if you can reach the top the views are ย beautiful.


Town square

It holds some beautiful architectures in this square and full of many things to do it also holds a local market on a Tuesday ( i think anyway haha) I must say it is quite expensive for what you get food wise in the square so if you would like to eat better food at better prices try on of the side streets.


Brugge bear Museum

Brugge is known for its variety of beers so of course my boyfriend wanted to go to the museum and try all some of the beers. I actually really enjoyed this day and i found a new love for Cherry flavoured beer and Raspberry flavoured beer, its all i drank all weekend! You can tell how much we loved the beers haha (omg i forgot what i looked like with brown hair!)

ย The Food

Like i said early on in the post the best places to go for food is on the side streets. They are famous for the waffles in Brugge and there is so man places that do them they even do waffle on a stick.



Takes a romantic stroll down the canal and have a beer and watch the ducks go by, brugge is full of beautiful and magicalness and i really advice booking for your next trip, I fell in love with the city and i want you to as well.

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