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Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

Christmas is just around the corner, yes i know your all stressed about presents to buy all your loved ones. Don’t worry I’ve created a Gift guide, you don’t need to stick to these particular gifts just an idea for you to choose from for example maybe a different perfume.

I hope you enjoy looking for ideas as this is one of my favourite post for the seasonal times ahead to read, I’m so excited for Christmas this year and I have a few fun Christmas posts for you all. So enjoy the first one!

gift guide.jpg

  1. Lush – Lush do fantastic gift sets at Christmas and they range from a variety of prices. Most of the people I know love Lush so its a pretty easy one apart from my friends who have bad eczema maybe leave this one out. But you cant go wrong with a bath bomb that smells divine and some shower gel. The perfect Christmas gift.              Price: Ranging from £9.95 to £170
  2. Perfume – The one I have picked out is the Lancome La Vie Est Belle due to its one of my favorites. I find it so feminine and fresh just a perfect fragrance for me, I do know a lot of people have different favorites so this is just a guideline but i think a perfume is great gift for someone.                                                                                                                       Price: Per 100ml £70.00
  3. Fluffy Socks – I don’t know about you but i LOVE fluffy socks for Christmas presents, maybe because i love Christmas socks all together and normally buy a new set every week. I just find them a nice stocking filler and they’re cheap too especially from Primark.                                                                                                                                                      Price: £2.50
  4. Sleek Ultimate smokey eye Kit – All together i find sleek a fantastic brand and i’m loving their Christmas gift sets this year this one is brilliant for people just starting out with makeup as it has all the essentials.                                                                                  Price: £12.50
  5. Olivia Burton Watch – I love Olivia Burton watches, she has some beautiful designs. So feminien and can create a great statement to any outfit and also not too expensive as watches go. They also have a range of Vegan Friendly watches                                          Price: Ranges between £70.00 and £80.00

Thanks For Reading


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One thought on “Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

  1. I got given the perfume as a gift for my birthday and its one of my favourites! It is such a feminine, pretty scent, perfect for Christmas! 🙂


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