Christmas Gift Guide – For Him

Christmas is just around the corner and if its not just me i find shopping for boys/men a lot harder than girls, maybe because i’m a girl but i really struggle. So hopefully this gift guide will help you with the struggles of shopping for the opposite sex i have created two, one for both sexes.


  1. Ray Ban Sunglasses – I just don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of the ray bans, yes it might not be the weather for sunglasses especially here in the UK. But who doesnt go on a holiday later on in the year and bam they need some sunglasses.             Price: £98.00
  2. Converse – Who doesn’t love a pair of Converse, to be really honest i think any trainer/shoe is great present for men as long as you know there style. Converse are quite versatile and most people like a decent pair of converse.                                                Price: £45.00
  3. L’oreal Men expert barber shop gift set – I think these gift sets are great stocking fillers and with a lot more men gracing the beard/stubble this stubble softener moisturizer is bliss.                                                                                                                                 Price: £7.99
  4. Aftershave – The aftershave I have chosen is the Dior Sauvage, Personally I love the smell of this so masculine and its a strong scent it will last for hours. My boyfriend wears this so obviously why i chose it but you can choose any aftershave you like.          Price: Per 100ml £68.00
  5. Beats Pill – A decent speaker is a brilliant choice, i think a lot (not all) enjoy listening to music while playing xbox/playstation and to be honest just listening to music in general. Best thing i bought was a portable bluetooth speaker i love relaxing while writing and listening to music it also motivates me to write for some reason it gets rid of my writers block.                                                                                                                          Price: £189.00

I hope this has helped you with your gift choices let me know in the comments if this has given you any ideas.

Thanks For Reading



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