A letter to the one I love


To the one I love

Thank you for being you and only ever being you, there is nothing i would change about you. Your laugh is contagious and never fails to make me laugh, your stupid jokes that aren’t funny which makes them funny. The annoying pie high five that i always fall for and frustrates me every time.

I even love you competitiveness even though we always fight during a game of monopoly but hey that’s what makes it fun. I love how passionate about football you are even though we have to plan things around the football fixtures but seeing you happy makes me happy.

You support me in everything i do when i want to take pictures you help me find the right places and it ends up being a fun day out. I love the fact we don’t need to go anywhere to have a good time, we can just have a laugh in our bedroom watching films and Netflix.

You’ve helped me accomplish a lot last year without you i don’t i would have been able to get in the sea and realise how magical it is. I don’t think i would of been able to get on a plane without taking a diazepam tablet, you have helped me through my silly little fears but not once let them get the better of me.

I know you’ll probably cringing reading this as we aren’t the most sentimental of couples but sometimes i don’t think I thank you enough for being amazing by being just YOU!

Love Lauren

Hope you all have a lovely valentines day and thank everyone you love because sometimes we get lost in our lives to say thank you



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