10 things I’m Grateful for this Month


I thought i would write 10 things I’m grateful for this month, this month and last month have been really hard for me as I have been diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. So I’m trying to think of all the positive things in my life and by writing the 10 things i’m grateful for this month.

1.My Boyfriend – Honestly he has been my rock even though i struggle to talk to him about how i’m feeling, he has never once pressured me to talk and he always listens when I do talk. He also is the funniest person I know (don’t tell him that) and he just knows how to make me laugh and make me feel better when I’m having a down day.

2. My Family – Again telling my family was one of the hardest thing’s i ever did, and they have been the most understanding and again listened to everything i had to say. My mum told me to write all my feelings down if it was easier for me and it was so much easier shes even suggested writing a diary to try and get to feelings written down and it may feel a bit of a release.

3.My Friends – I honestly don’t know what i’d do without my friends, they’re my rocks. I don’t know about other people and they’re friends we just know when somethings wrong with each other even when we haven’t mentioned anything.

4.My Home and living in the UK – I don’t think we are thankful enough for living in the UK for having human rights and rights for women and also not in a country that’s at war. I’m forever thankful for living in a safe place.

5. My Bath – I’ve loved having bath’s recently, they’re so relaxing especially when I’ve lit all my candles and got some relaxing music on in the back ground/

6. My Iphone – Seriously how did we live without phones?, everything i need is on my phone and how did people get in contact with each other?

7.The opportunity to travel – Plane/train/car either way of travelling (even though i scared of flying) having the opportunity to see the world i’m so thankful for I’ve been to some beautiful places and none of it would be possible without being able to use planes,trains or cars.

8. The internet – I wouldn’t be able to blog with out he internet, i wouldn’t be able connect with friends that are at the other side of the world. Honestly its such a great place.

9.My Dogs – Dogs are the most humble and kind animals, they know when your feeling down and give you extra cuddles. I love my two dogs couldn’t ask for better dogs.

10. My camera – I’ve fallen in love with photography and without my camera this wouldn’t be possible.

What are the things your grateful for this month?

Love Lauren




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