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My Blogging Goals



Blogging for me is all about personal growth i can see how and where I’ve grown from when i first started my blog from the pictures to the style of writing and the content. I’ve decided to create some goals for myself and i thought i would share them with you.

  1. Photography: I feel like my pictures have improved but i still feel like there’s room for improvement (which will probably always be the case) But i feel like i need to experiment more with my photography try different angles explore the manual setting more on my camera. I also love really simplistic pictures. So my goal is to up my game with my Photography
  2. Become more Organised: I recently read a post of to plan blog content and was shocked at how organised this person was. It really made me think of how much it would make my life easier if i was more organised having a full time job and trying to keep up with blog posts is hard, I’ve only recently started to schedule posts. This blog post really inspired me to be more organised if you would like to read it click here
  3. Become more personal with my posts: Personally I love reading blogs where you can really see someones personality shine through their writing, it feels like your getting to know the blogger. I’ve decided to become more personal and show you more of my life and really not worry about if my writing is not formal enough (i prefer unformal writing anyway)
  4. Talk to more bloggers: I’ve always been shy even on social media so a goal for me is start talking to more bloggers. I want to get to know more of you i feel like a lot of us bloggers have so much in common and share similar interests that we’ll always have something to talk about.
  5. My last blogging goal is stop stressing about my blog posts: I’ve always been a stress head and worrier but blogging is my hobby but I’ve become so stressed on trying to keep the content in a niche that stressed me out, now I’m just gonna write about what i feel like writing not bothered about it being part of a niche.

What are you Blogging goals?

Love Lauren



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