Hello May

As I say good bye to April I welcome may with open arms , April has been quite a difficult month for me. Due to getting attacked Easter bank holiday I ended up spending the night in a&e and found out I had a broken jaw. From then on I’ve had to have an operation to wire my mouth shut and unable to eat solids, in a weeks time I’ll be having my screws out and hopefully be on the road to a full recovery. 

April has been a big ans difficult month to me, I’ve put a lot of things into perspective. Being in my 20’s I’m learning so much about life and the struggles you face. Throughout my whole teenage years I thought having the more friends the better but in true fact that isn’t , I’ve learnt in April that having the right friends is all you need. People grow apart and that is apart of life, we grow as people we learnt new things we have different​ priorities and morals.

So here are some of my goals for this month

  • Embrace life : take life full on by not being afraid and taking on challenges
  • Become more organised: by this I mean plan more plan blog posts enjoy more
  • Save money: wanting to buy a house means save save save! 
  • Stop focusing on the past and embrace the future 

So they are some of my goals to focus on this month what are your goals?


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