Exploring small towns: Bakewell

There’s something I love about small towns and Bakewell being one of them. I think the reason why I love them so much is because there so picturesque so much better than modern cities. I love the culture and history of buildings and sceneries, so I took out my camera and off I went to Bakewell.

The reason I love Bakewell so much is because they pride themselves on independent shops, yes they have a tesco and a boots but that’s probably the only highstreet shops/supermarket you’ll see. It is full of small independent clothes shops, jewellery shops, there’s a cheese and wine shop (like who doesn’t like cheese and wine?) . There’s also they’re famous Bakewell tart bakeries, as you may of guessed Bakewell is where the Bakewell tart originated from a delicious dessert one of my favourites. 

The lavender tea rooms, set in small square surrounded by independent shops what better place to sit and have a cup of tea or in my case a hot chocolate​. We sat outside as it was a fairly warm day but they also provide blankets incase it becomes cold, honestly I could of stayed there watching the world go by I just loved this peaceful place.

I am such a lover of pies and walking past this bakery I couldn’t not take a picture (all I can do as I still can’t eat solids yet:( ) everything looks so fresh I wish we still had small independent bakeries in my city.

I call this the love lock bridge taking inspiration from the on in Paris Bakewell as its own on the canal. So beautiful to walk down the canal and then showcase you love on the bridge romantic right?

Bakewell has some beautiful views especially on the drive there it’s breathtaking​, want to visit a small town give Bakewell a try but get there early especially in summer because it’s the place to go.


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