Great British food festival at Hareweeod house 

What a rainy day bank holiday Monday was but didn’t stop me and my boyfriend going to the great British food festival at Harewood. If you haven’t heard of the great British food festival, they go all over the country and put up local food business I honestly think everyone should give a food festival a try especially if your a food funatic like me.

They’re are lots of treats for you at the food festival we tried an ostrich burger which was surprisingly really tasty and they say it has a lot more benefits that chicken and beef. You can also try out a cocktail at the cocktail bar they looked extremely yummy. Theyre also two market tents full of local business from jams to spices from brownies to sausage rolls and cheeses you can all try a but if everything. The brownies were delicious and also the homemade sausage rolls were such a treat. 

Throughout the day they was also a lot of activities from men v food to a cake off lots to enjoy. They was also food demonstrations throughout the day and one from Val from bake off.

Harewood house is a beautiful house and has some beautiful gardens it also has a variety of birds which you can go and look at. My favourite are penguins of course so I was very excited to see the penguins they also have pink flamingos.


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