Exploring Paphos 

sea breeze, crystal blue water the smell of coconuts everything that reminds me of being on holiday. This July me and my boyfriend visited Cyprus and the town of Paphos. I was excited to explore the beaches and the island.

Paphos is such a beautiful town and plenty to do there is coral bay, the main town, the old town, the harbour and many historical sights to see the tomb of kings we literally down the road from our hotel.

Paphos castle is in the harbour is so beautiful at sunset I advise going to harbour when it’s still light and watching the sunset or having diner in a rooftop restaurant and watching the sunset over the sea it’s just beautiful. The restaurants are little more expensive in the harbour but worth it the meals are just beautiful delishes Cypriot food.

Me and my boyfriend decided to do a buggy Safari to see more of the town and honestly it was one of the best experiences of my life I loved it. The buggy Safari was from 9-3 and you had the choice of manual buggy or automatic we chose a manual one and it cost us €50 each.

The first stops we came to was the ship wreck that sunk in 2011 and they haven’t been able to move it so now it has become a tourist attraction.we also saw the sea caves I’d love to go snorkelling around here the water was so crystal clear. We also walked a round a national park and ended up in this amazing place honestly it was beautiful.

our final stop was Adonis baths beautiful natural water and a water fall, yes the water was freezing but was also refreshing after a long hot day. This was my favourite part of the trip I wish I was still there I felt like I was in a dream. Finally we travelled to a traditional Cypriot restaurant where was served up local Cypriot food and it was delicious. I fell in love with Cyprus after this buggy Safari and in would definitely recommend it to anyone visit Paphos.

We also visited the water park and had such a good day out I even concoured my fear of tunnel slides.

Thank you for reading an do hope you visit Paphos soon and fall in love with it as much as I did.

Where have you been on holiday this year?


6 thoughts on “Exploring Paphos 

  1. These snaps look so tempting! I was at Paphos last week, but it was so little time that I didn’t get to see so much. But Ayia Napa was a great experience for me 🙂


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