New beginnings : First home 

So me and my boyfriend have made the big decision to fly the nest and move out of our parents. For me I’ve been wanting to move out for a long time I want my own independence and now we have. Add the big decision, were literally deciding between two flats.

Anyone else love house shopping? we’ve literally only bought the basics pots, pans, tea towels etc and I’m already excited. I’ve also been looking on Pinterest for some decor ideas another favourite thing of mine, Pinterest honestly it’s addictive I could be on this for hours and not get bored, there’s something so satisfying and looking at perfect pictures.

Anyway back to reason I’m writing this blog post here is m list of how you know your ready to fly the nest.

  1. Needing own space: yes it can be amazing living at home and your parents still helping you out with the house work but honestly only having one room as your own can become draining. Your earning for something to call your own.
  2. Wanting independence: biggest thing for me was wanting my own Independence I want to do e home and cook my own tea do my own pots make my home mine.
  3. Goings solo or living with partner:  I’ve been wanting to move out longer than my boyfriend I had to make the decision of going at it by myself or waiting for my boyfriend to be ready in the end I chose to switch for my boyfriend just because I want us to experience it together.

I’d love for some decor ideas 🙂 

Thanks for reading 



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