Summer Round Up

summer-779385_1920Summer is slowly catching up with Autumn as my favourite time of year I just love the late evenings, summer walks, spending time with family and friends visiting new places and having new experiences.

I thought I would round up all the fun things I have done this summer into one blog post as summer is slowly coming to an end I feel like Autumn is just under my finger tips.


First thing I did when it started to become warm was strawberry picking there’s something I love about picking fresh strawberries, local farm shops and local produce. Farmer Copleys is where we go for activities like this.


Visiting Bridlington on the hottest weekend of the year, had such an amazing time sitting on the beach and paddling in the ocean. Playing football on the beach and eating fish and chips on the pier. What else can you expect.



After spending the day and evening at Bridlington my boyfriend took me to feed my favourite animals penguins, such an amazing day I fell in love with penguins even more. I just can’t get over how cute they are. We also got to feed the lemurs which was an added bonus.


Visiting Paphos was just an amazing experience all together I had such ana amazing time I have a blog post all about it if you’d like to check it out which goes in to more detail.


Thanks for reading what have you been up to this summer?



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