5 ways to de-stress


After a stressful day at work all I want to is find ways for me to relax and release tension. I’ve created my list of ways of destressing that may help you destressing.

1. Taking a relaxing bath there’s nothing better than a long relaxing bath after long hard day at work, I love to put on all my candles and use a bath bomb put some relaxing music on and just chill.


2. Reading a book. I love getting into a story and letting my imagination run wild, it also takes your mind of anything worrying you.



3.writing to do lists. I don’t know about you but writing down all the jobs I have to do seems to relax me, I don’t know whether it s because I’m relaxing the! From my head haha.


4. Looking through instagram. I love looking through pictures for ideas on house decor or makeup honestly it really relaxes me.


5. Dimming the lights. Having low light on with a box in handle glass of wine after a long day at work can really help wind down.



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