5 TV series/films to watch on a sick day


Recently I had to have a a month off work due to a broken jaw so that meant a lot of time bored so I binged watched a lot of netflix. So I thought I would create a list for you to maybe have inspiration from when your having a sick day and just want to spend the day in bed watching Netflix or films.

Tv Series

1. 13 reasons why ย – this TV series really gets you in the feels, honestly I was hooked from the first episode and it really touched on mental health. Definitely worth the watch. Just a warning it is quite graphic so if your not keen on that id advise not to watch or just skip them bits.



2. Riverdale – again I was gripped from the very start, these programmes came out at very similar times, your glued to the story line ands it’s full of twists and turns.


3. Game of Thrones – I honestly thought I wouldnt like game of thrones but it’s so gripping but I must say don’t get attached to any characters.


4. Stranger things – Again another programme I thought I wouldnt like but I loved, I literally watched it in two days I loved it that much, the kids are amazing actors!


5. Peaky blinders – I can not tell you how much I love Tommy Shelby such a gripping series and great if you like a bit of action.



1. 10 things I hate about you – this film is one of my favourite chick flicks and I love a chick flick when I’m sick (see what I did there)


2. My sister’s keeper – if you need to cry watch this film I literally cry bucket loads but such an amazing heart felt film.


3. P.s I love you – another great chick flick (can you see I love my chick flicks) again you will need tissues for this one.


4. White chicks – I couldnt not put a funny one in, this film cheers me up when I’m sick/ feeling down.


5. Legally blonde – I absolutely love this film, I’ve watched it so many times but I just keep on watching it especially when I’m sick.


What are your favourite TV series at the moment?

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