Home Decor Inspirations

So yesterday we got our move in date! I am honestly so happy and can’t wait to move into our own little place.

For the past few weeks I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest for idea of home decor and I thought I’d share some of the themes I’ve decided on.

Grey, blush and copper living room

I love these three colours together they just for perfectly, I did have to do a bit of pursuading to my boyfriend for just one pink pillow so we compromised I said he could have the Xbox in the living room.

*Pictures taken from Pinterest

Beige and hearts kitchen accessories

So for my kitchen I’ve gone for beige/cream and hearts the toaster and kettle are matching and I’ve got a wooden hear shaped chopping board nearer the time I’ll do a haul of everything I’ve bought and give you all a little insight.

*Picture taken from Pinterest

Mint green bathroom

So for the bathroom I’ve been struggling but I decided on mint green towels and bathroom accessories I’ve also like the idea of putting them on shelves for display

*Picture taken from Pinterest

I’m so excited to move in, in a month’s time were stills looking for little bits.


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