My favourite inspirational quotes

When I’m feeling down I look to my favourite quotes to rise me up again and give me that little bit of inspiration I need.

This quote reminds to not change for anyone, I can only be myself and if you like me then great but if not there’s nothing else I can do so I’m not gonna focus on making one person like me.

This reminds that it doesn’t hurt being kind, you never know one someone is going through so one act of kindness can make their day. So please be kind to people even if your having a bad day it might cheer you up too.

Take new adventures, travel when you can and just explore even if it’s not far just a walk in the woods, experiences nature and experience the world enjoy life as you know it.

And finally do whatever makes you happy, there is no point loosing happiness for someone else happiness like I said before be true to yourself.

These are some of my favourite quotes to help me when I’m feeling down, what are some of your favourite quotes?


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