Sunday summer walks

As today was such a lovely day we decided to go on a summers walk, back pack packed with camera and lots of water and of we went to Redmires reservoirs.

The great thing I love about where I live is it’s an urban city yet just half an hour away you have beautiful country side just like this. Such a beautiful day why not take advantage and go out and explore. Country walks are so relaxing you get a feel of the air and the views just take your breath away.

Redmires reservoirs are made up of three dams and you can take an nice walk around all three, to each dam there’s different scenery. Be sure to wear walking boots or wellies as some of the path can get muddy as my boyfriend found out when he was wearing his white converse.

The first dam you walk through grass field and up into the high fields there’s also some beautiful purple flowers (I’m unsure what they are called) all the way round which just makes the views amazing beautiful.

All the way round you find beautiful little streams heading to the dam, be careful not too fall in one as they can be hidden in the long grass.

We e poorer feather a field through what my boyfriend called Jurassic park because of all the plants but we got some amazing views and just being in the greenery made me feel quite calm.

Walking past a raspberry bush made me crave a punnet of raspberries unfortunately these ones weren’t ripe enough yet

The final dam is the biggest and has very different scenery you walk a bit on a road and then you come to the grass land or you can walk along side the dam. I would really recommend Redmires reservoirs if your in the south Yorkshire area definitely worth a visit.

I’ve been loving exploring new places recently and most successful days I want to explore a new country walk series especially in autumn as it’s my favourite season.


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